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Greetings from Adi HabadAdi Habad7.10.11 

Greetings from Adi Habad, Folk Dancers Association Chairman

Dear Dancers,

The past year was filled with joy and studded with dancing events, marathons and festivals. In other words, it was a year filed with color, sound and movement.

During the past year, the Dancers Association continued efforts to advance its objectives: improve the welfare of the dancers and create a supportive and pleasant atmosphere at dance sessions. We placed particular emphasis on the health of the dancers. In addition, we worked to develop tools to make information and knowledge regarding folk dancing easily accessible to all the dancers and dance teachers.

This past year we met with the leadership of the Office for the Protection of the Environment, Hamisrad Lehagant Hasviva. We discussed our aim of regulating the volume of the music played at dance sessions to safeguard our hearing. We met with representatives of the Ministry of Education, Misrad Hachinuch, to discuss advancing folk dancing education within the school curriculum. We met, as well, with the leadership of the Ministry of Culture, Misrad Hatarbut, to advance a project for the preservation of our dance heritage and other issues. We continued our policy to meet on an annual basis with the organizers of the Karmiel Dance Festival. Our goal there is to preserve and improve dance conditions for the welfare of all festival participants.

Many of the topics, now before the appropriate authorities, are still in the process of being discussed; while others are in the development stage and are almost ready to become part of the organizational framework of Irgun Harokdim, the Dancers Association.

Over the past several years we have used our internet site, having invested immeasurable effort (aka labors of love), as well as Facebook, which has more and more become a significant tool for disseminating information to our dancers. I would like to thank my Association colleagues who work tirelessly, on a volunteer basis, investing their time and effort, and their money, to advance the aims of the association and provide you, the dancers, the full measure of pleasure you so deserve.

On behalf of my colleagues, I would like to wish you, your families, and all of Israel, fulfillment of all your hearts’ desires. May we all know only health, happiness and personal gratification.

Wishing you with all my heart,
Adi Habad, Chairperson of the Folk Dancers Association

Translated by Peter Smolash

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