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Celebrating a Pillar of the Israel Folk Dance CommunityRick18.2.12 

Celebrating a Pillar of the Israel Folk Dance Community

Yonathan Karmon's 80th birthday was celebrated on Sunday, February 5th at Pnina Klein's dance session at Beit Rozen in Ramat Gan.
Choreographers, instructors and dancers alike gathered to honor the life and achievements of one of the founders of Israeli Folk Dancing.
Miri Akuni, Shlomo Maman, Yaron Meishar, Igaal Triki, and Gadi Biton were just a few of those celebrating. During his career, Yonathan directed and choreographed the Karmon Israeli Dancers; he toured with them bringing Israeli folkdancing to a world wide audience. He was director of the famous dance and singing ensemble, Lahakat Karmon and the Jerusalem Dance Company.
A vintage video of his dance troupe performances was shown; testimonials were shared; those present danced to the music he had choreographed and enjoyed a festive dessert table in his honor.
Happy Birthday Yonathan!

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