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Looking for a Dance Partner?IFDA 11.9.12 

Are you looking for an Israeli Folk dance partner during a visit in Israel?
Are you looking for a permanent partner around the world?
You may publish your request to find a partner on our website.
At a minimum, please indicate the following:
Location of the dance session: country, state, region / city, indicate if this is a permanent or temporary request, your contact information: email or phone number.

Please note: Everyone, even those with prior registration to the HaRokdim site, must include their contact information with their request.
It is advised to indicate also the day of the week or the specific date of the session, your level or experience as a dancer, your age, your preferences regarding your potential partner
For example: require female partner in New York City
Comment: Looking for an experienced female dance partner in New York City (USA).
Two Wednesday evening sessions at the “Y” during November, please contact Steve at steve@gmail.com.
Seeking male partner in Israel, visiting Haifa for the month of December, searching for a patient male partner for the Tuesday or Wednesday evening sessions. Contact Joan@comcast.net

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