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What's New in the Israeli Forums July 2010?Givaa Tlula 4.8.10 

Summary by Givaa Tlula

What's New in the Israeli Forums? Summary of July, 2010 by Givaa Tlula

This month was marked by festivals and Israeli folk dance camps: the Toronto IsReal Dance Festival, the Czech Dance Festival, England’s Machol Europe, Mechol HaShalom, France’s Hora Or, Belgium’s BeYachad, and others. Israel dancing is all over the world map! The highlight of these festivals is the three days of Karmiel Festival. Link

Forum "Horatenu" counted down until the festival. Link

As usual, many special visitors from abroad come to the festival. This year we expected many choreographers including: Mali and Moshe Lipson [Hapri Shelach (Your Fruit), Isha Al HaChof (A Woman on the Beach), Yemei Hatom (The Days of Innocence), Ata Li Eretz (You Are My Country), Kintot Hayom, "LaNetzach Bni" (My Son Forever), Shaar HaChayim (Gate of Life)]; Shmulik Gov-Ari [Eilat, Eizo Shemesh Mevoreche (What a Blessed Sun), Ahuvati Bat Chamishim (My Love is Fifty), Choshev Alayich (I Think of You), Ya Tyer, Shigaon HaAhava (Love Madness), Israel HaYafa (Beautiful Israel)]; Israel Yaacobi [Aba Shimon (Father Shimon), Agadlacha (I Will Raise You), Matar (Rain), Shufni, Rap Teimani (Yemenite Rap)]; Nir Dor[Perach Nadir (Rare Flower), Tzipor Metorefet (Wild Bird)]; Maor Ben-Ami, and many others. You may get a chance to meet them at some sessions even before Karmiel begins: at Yom-Tov Ohayon at Ra'anana, at Yigal Tricky at Holon, at Revital Golan at Petah Tikva, at Shimon Asor at Rishon LeTziyon, at the pre-Karmiel marathon at Givat Brenner with Rafi Ziv, at Avner Naim in Jerusalem, or at Eyal Ozeri at Hadar Afeka. Here is an opportunity to meet and dance with the dance creators. The smell of celebration is in the air.

This year the Karmiel Festival will see a number of changes. The most prominent change is that the Rabin sport center has been allocated for dancing. It has a large floor, air conditioning and toilettes. The only drawback is its distance from the festival center. One needs to get there by a shuttle which leaves every half hour. We will have to wait and see how well this new arrangement will work as the Festival proceeds. Link

Some dancers argued that the "feeling of being togetherness" will be lost as a result of the distance of this dance venue. There may be some dancers who will stay at Rabin, while others will remain at the central site. Read more about this issue at Tapuz forum. Link
This link include a detailed response from Adi Chabad, chairman of the Dancers Association. (I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate him on the occasion of marriage of his daughter. Mazal Tov!) Link
Everyone agreed that the skate board area was a poor choice as a dance location alternative. The only question is whether it was possible to bring Rabin's on roller skates to the center site of the festival? Probably not! We hope the Rabin sport center will be a success.

The Dancers Association has put a great deal of effort into improving the conditions at the Karmiel Festival. New this year is a mobile cell phone charging station. Information about the location of ATMs and kosher restaurants will be available. Comfortable seats have been installed at the amphitheater. Details of all these improvements and more can be found on the Dancers Association web site. Link

Both Tapuz and the Dancers Association web site suggest transportation options for dancers going to Karmiel.
Will Egged arrange transportation for Karmiel dancers? Link


As in the past, the Dancers Association will staff the Information Center at the festival. The dancers are invited to visit, get information about the festival, purchase shirts and hats with the Dancers Association logo, and offer support to the Dancers association and all the festival guests. Link

Dancers with special needs will be dancing and performing at the festival. Dancers are invited to try these dance sessions and performances. Please volunteer, your assistance is needed. Link
The Festival Program which details the shows and indicates places where tickets may be purchased can be found at the Dancers Association and at the Karmiel Festival’s official web sites: Link
The smell of a festival is in the air! Happy Festival!

And other issues:
Written dance instructions or video? These days, what with the Internet, YouTube and Facebook, should we still create the dance notation for the dances, or could we forgo them in favor of the posted photo and video? It seems that for most dancers the simple video is good enough. However, for the Markidim who need to be more precise in order to teach a dance, the written “script” is important. This is an interesting question and problem. Link

On a note of nostalgia, Yankele Levy recalled the dances we danced not as couples, but as triplets. Where have they gone? Link

Every summer the dancers travel. Some go to New York, some to Montreal, and some to Eilat. Dancers' report on their summer travels. Link

Radio Horatenu has discontinued broadcasting. It used to play our dance music 24 hours a day. It was a quality radio. Dancers regret that Yom Tov Ochayon, who operated the radio and transmitted from time to time, felt the need to end the radio broadcast because reasonable financial agreements could not be reached. What a shame! Link

There is a new corner at the Dancers Association site entitled, "Who is the Markid on Shabbat?" The summary and detailed table of Saturday dance sessions, where there is a rotation among the Markidim, is published every Thursday and has been well received by the dancers. Link

A monthly summary of the Israeli forums will be translated into English for the benefit of dancers abroad.

The Harkada of the Month: Moshiko - Yitzhak HaLevy - dancer, artist, musician and composer, celebrated his birthday at his Harkada. He was joined by his wife Michal, the Markida Eti Meuda, and many others who came to congratulate and celebrate with him. It was very exciting dancing with close friends. Ofir Yaacov with with accordion Yankele Levi, Shlomo Maman, Michael, Ayala and Eyal Levy, Orly Sivan, Aliza Rosen, Haim Tzemach, Yoav Sidi, Ayelet Bukai, Michal Bachar and many others joined in. The dancing was happy and exciting. Details are available in the Harkada on Facebook. You can read the good wishes of Ada East and friends on Moshiko’s website. Link
Moshiko's Harkada is unique. The dances by this unique choreographer are being danced and taught by him and other instructors who take turns under his guidance: Michal Bachar, Tamir Shalom, and othes. Even if you do not choose to make this your regular session, it is at least worth a visit. Congratulations Moshiko! We wish him many more years of good health and creativity. Link

We had pre Karmiel marathons. Rafi Ziv hosted guests from abroad at Givat Brenner The result was tons of fun. Link
Victor Gabbay had a Ramat Aviv Marathon which hosted the Dancers Association. We are grateful for his efforts.

Dance of the month?
It seems that this year will be the year for new dance creators. We have come to know the dance of the two Danas: Ten (Give) Link
Piha Patcha BeChochma (Her Mouth Opened Wisdom) created by Yossi Azany Link
Chesed Matok (Sweet Mercy) choreographed by Ze'ev Benedict Link

May we all have a happy Tu B’Av (15 of Av), Hag HaAhava, and a successful and enjoyable Festival!

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 Very nicce!
 Very nicce!

 Karmiel Festival 2010
 Did you attend Karmiel 2010? Share your experience with us.

0.(*hedva cohen) 
 karmiel and Dances sessions in Israel
 I agree with each and every word of Danielle and it has nothing to do with the fact that we both come from abroad. Choregraphes create too many dances and they all look alike. Most of them are forgotten in a year time when it's not less. Only nostalgya dances or dances as Avner Naim creates will be transfered to the next generations. Those "comercials" dances aren't made to gain money but prestige and there is nothing wrong with it if we keep the idea of Israely dance and if there is some neshama in the dance and not only in the song. The Dance mafia is a bad element that hurts dancers from different places because they can't learn dances made by a choregrapher coming from outside this "group".
I also agree with Danielle about the reputation the israely dance sessions have. A very bad one! lots of marriage explose because people join the sessions sicking for adventures and not realy for dancing. YESSSS I know it's their business but as you come dancing sex is in the air more than the joy of dancing.

Karmiel this year was a little dissapointing for the reasons danielle has wrote and for the shows that were realy annoying. It's true that dancing during the day in some sessions was refreshing like with Yankale or Debkot with Yael and some others. I was sad to see that handicaped dancers weren't given enough space on the show! I am in great admiration for them and for those who dance with them. WELLLL we'll go on dancin B"H in France in Israel and all over the world and I hope the aspect of Israely dances would become better and healthier. OSSE SHALOM BIMROMAV HOU YAASE SHALOM ALEINOU VE AL KOL ISRAEL VE IMROU AMEN!!

0.(*A dancer from Philadelphia) 
 Karmiel 2010
 A dancer from Philadelphia is anxious to hear more about Karmiel 2010 - its strengths and weaknesses. Would love to hear from some English speaking attendees about their experience.

0.גבעה תלולה  
 Rikudey Am

First, I would like to welcome you to this forum.

I have read your words and I am upset by them. I don't know how you got what I feel is such a wrong impression of the Israeli dance here in Israel.

I was in Karmiel, but since I was only there for one day and did not attend all the sessions, I can't argue with you about the repetition of the dances. However, I did see some of the wonderful dancing with dancers with special needs and enjoyed it a lot. I had something to do, even when I did not dance couples.

You said that there seemed to be fewer choreographers attending the festival this year. I think the problem was that many of them were away; this time of the year there are many Israeli dance camps and festivals all around the world (see the July summary). Since the choreographers are paid to participate, they naturally preferred to be abroad than to volunteer here in Karmiel. However, there were many other choreographers from all around the world attending Karmiel Festival.

Why shouldn't the choreographers think in commercial terms, we live in commercial world, don't we? This is their "parnussa", their livelihood.

How it is in USA?Or France?

People in Israel would tell you that the the main problem comes as a result of the overseas dance camps. It is because of these camps that we have the many new dances and the commercialization of Israeli dance.

I am sorry if I sound too hard on you, but your words really upset me.

I do hope that you will continue coming to Karmiel and continue to enjoy it.

הוספת תגובה לנושא זה