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About Us
Israeli dancing in Israel has become one of the most popular hobbies and leisure time activities. Ever since the first pioneers in the settlements began to dance, tens of thousands of dancers in Israel and all over the world have adopted this hobby. Israeli dancing has attracted dancers of all nationalities, the young and the old, newcomers from different countries, as well as those who have lived in Israel all their lives.

At the beginning markidim, instructors, were leading sessions voluntarily or for a minimal price. More recently, Israeli dance as a leisure pursuit has taken off in leaps and bounds. It has become much more commercialized, and has turned into the main source of income for many markidim. Along with this increase in popularity, several new issues of concern to the dance community have arisen, matters which have lingered within the community without any real resolution.

In 2007, a group of dancers decided to establish "The Israeli Dancers Association" to voluntarily work to resolve these unsettled issues. The organization was established as an association, and registered according to law, by its 14 founding members; it has rapidly expanded to include a growing number of active volunteers and a wide circle of supporters. The Association’s objective is to resolve problematic issues related to Israeli folk dancing while working in collaboration with the Markidim Association. Work groups have been established within the Dancers’ Association to deal with specific issues in a democratic manner - with dialogue and debate, followed by a vote.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all the active, supportive members who have volunteered their services to help us achieve our goals.

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The Dancers Association is a non-profit organization organized by volunteers.

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