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Who are we?
In 2007, a group of dancers decided to establish the Israeli Dancers Association, Irgun Harokdim, which would voluntarily work towards solving long unresolved issues within the dance community. The organization was established as an association, and registered according to law, by its 14 founding members; it has rapidly expanded to include a growing number of active volunteers and a wide circle of supporters.
Who may join the association? Every Israeli dancer, instructor, and choreographer, or indeed anyone who holds Israeli dancing dear to his heart, regardless of age, gender, or experience, is invited to support the Dancers’ Association. Joining Harokdim.org as an active member requires a volunteering spirit and desire to participate in the various activities of the association, each to his own abilities and qualifications.
How can I support the Association?
You can support the Association by registering in any Israeli dancing session where our members are active, by clicking on the "Contact Us" form. In order to receive news updates, give your full name, age and gender, email address and your phone number. If you wish to become an active member, please state this clearly in your email and we will contact you.
Does registration cost anything? No, becoming an active member or supporter does not involve any payment.
May I donate to the Association? The organization is registered as a non profit association and entitled to collect donations. We have decided to collect donations only for specific aims; when an objective is formulated, we will solicit donations for that specific goal. The best way to contribute to the association is to join and become an active member of the Association.
How are activities financed? The activities of the Association are financed by the personal donations of its founders and supported by the work of many active volunteers.
Where can I buy your amazing shirts? In Israel, the shirts may be purchased at dance sessions from active members. The price of the shirts, black or white and in any size is 20 NIS. In the summer, we sell t-shirts and tanks as well. You can find out where and when our members will be at your nearest dance session by clicking on the "Contact Us" form.
I agree with the goals of the Dancers Association. How will you achieve them? Stating the aims helps establish common ground for lovers of Israeli dancing. How we intend to achieve our goals will be decided by the active members of the Association’s various committees. As in most organizations with many members, there are many different and various opinions on all issues. To influence and share your opinions with us, join and support the Association as an active member.
How can I find out about the association’s activities? Join the Dancers Association. Active members of the Association have access to special forums where the various dance related problems are discussed, reports given, opinions exchanged, and recommendations for actions or activities are made. In addition, we will report about our activities in articles posted to the Irgun Harokdim website.
Will you request instructors to include older folk dances and debkot in their dance sessions? The content of dance sessions is in the hands of the instructor. We have no intention of telling instructors how to run their dance sessions. However, it is our intent to preserve our Israeli dancing heritage. We will encourage instructors to provide a balance of dances from different periods and of different styles. Our goal is a thriving Israeli dance culture, and not an elitist one.
Was the Dancers Association involved in the protest against the price increase at the University? At the time of the protest, the Association had not yet been established. However, the protest was a catalyst in establishing the Association and some of the protestors became founders of the Israeli Dancers Association. Maintaining affordable admission fees is only one of the objectives of the Irgun. Please refer to the “Our Goals” section to review the additional aims of the Dancers Association.
I have an idea for the Dancers Association. Who should I contact? To contact the Association and share your idea, click on the "Contact Us" form. We will be pleased to hear your suggestion and even happier to have you take an active part in achieving your vision.
I am an Instructor who wishes to advertise my dance sessions. Who should I contact? Please send your advertisements in jpg format, with up to 200KB per file, to If you wish to update information about your dance sessions, please send an email to

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