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Article: Three Years On-line

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Three Years On-line
This April 2011, the Israeli Folk Dancers Association, Irgun Harokdim, proudly marks three years on-line at –three years of continuous service to the world wide Israeli dance community.

We are constantly working to develop and enhance the contents of our website by sharing with you interesting issues relevant to dancers everywhere. This year, we have worked to improve the English version of our site for the sake of our overseas users. We initiated the translations of the Hebrew forums on a regular basis, began a series to introduce the choreographers to you in a very personal way, and created a search engine for visitors looking to dance in Israel. And, we continued our aim to share the best and most up-to-date stories regarding Israeli folk dance here in Israel.

What are we missing? We want you to tell us. We call upon you to enlist as supporters of our site, submit your opinions and give us feed-back on the different issues raised. We are here for you. We are here for the benefit of the entire Israeli Folk Dance community. Join us.