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Article: Our new internet-based radio station

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In line with the services which we provide to dancers and dance instructors, we have decided to run a legally operated internet-based radio station which will broadcast Israeli folk dance music, alongside a varied range of other programs. The radio station is already in operation and broadcasts the songs and tunes of Israeli folk dances 24 hours a day.
In the near future we’ll publish a time schedule of live programs hosted by volunteer anchors; the programs will consist of a special topics corner, interviews with various dance instructors and choreographers from around the country, live talks with listeners, as well as information which we’d like to bring to the attention of the listener. From time to time, the programs will be in English. The program schedule will be published on the Radio page of the Harokdim website.

During the live broadcast, communication between the listener and the announcer can be accomplished by entering the Chat Room.

In addition, we’ll make an effort to add phone communication to enable live interviews and discussions between the listener and the broadcaster.

On behalf of myself and the members of Harokdim, I would like to thank the members of the radio team: Rubio, Yardena, Harry, Vered, Orit and Lilach, as well as the volunteer broadcasters: Rubio, Lilach, Avner, Ayelet, Olah, Maya, Shmulik and Morgan, who willingly volunteer their time and effort broadcasting for the enjoyment of all the dancers and instructors.