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Article: We need you!

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Dear Dancers,

We need you!

As we all know, the activities of our organization are created and executed by volunteers. We spend money out of our own pockets, if necessary.
Operation and maintenance of the website and radio broadcasts is a fixed expense and our only source o finance is the contributions from dancers.

On behalf of all the members and volunteers I turn to you and ask for your help. A monetary donation (any amount will be welcome) - will help us continue to serve you with love as we have these last eight years.
We have added a button, "Donate" (orange on the left side of the page), which allows to you make a donation by credit card or through PAYPAL (recommended), each according to his heart and his ability to contribute.

To make a donation use the donate button in our home page.
Fill in the header with the amount of the donation. On the right side of the page donate by credit card, or on the left side through PAYPAL donation.

We welcome any and all contributions that would allow us to continue operating our activities for the benefit of all.

With thanks and best regards,
Adi Habad
Dancers Association Chairman