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Terms and Conditions of Usage

1. General

  1. The use of the internet site listed as http://www.harokdim.org, the internet site of the Israeli Folk Dancers Association (Irgun Harokdim Le'Rikudei Am 2007 - registration number 58-047951-7, hereinafter "the Association"), including but not limited to all pages, programs and services provided, are hereby offered to you subject to your acceptance of all The Terms and conditions specified in this document, henceforth referred to as The Terms.

  2. Users may use this site and its services only in compliance with The Terms. Registering to use our site, or asking to be added to our mailing list, indicates you agree to abide by The Terms. If you do not agree with the conditions set forth in this document, you are requested to cease using the site and all its services.

  3. The use of the masculine gender applies to both men and women in the singular as well as in the plural.

  4. The internet committee of the Association and/or anyone appointed by the Association or the internet committee will henceforth be referred to as the Site Administration.

  5. The headings are meant for convenience only and do not constitute part of the text.

2. Who is Permitted to Use the Website?

  1. The Site Administration reserves the right to regulate access to services which will be available only to persons who have officially registered and provided details as determined by the Site Administration, hereinafter designated,User.

  2. It is forbidden to register to the Site or to the sites distribution list terms on behalf of someone else without his permission and/or without his presence at the time of registration. Registration may only be made after the User has been made aware of and agreed to The Terms.

  3. By logging on to the site, the User indicates acceptance of The Terms. Impersonating as another individual is a criminal offense.

  4. The registrant must be completely accurate regarding all personal details required for registration necessary for easy future contact with the User.

  5. The site is for ones personal use only. A User is not permitted to transfer permission to another.

  6. By logging into the site the User thereby affirms that he is aware that the Site Administration has no means to check, to filter or to monitor the registrants use of the site.

  7. In addition, by logging on, the User affirms that he is aware and agrees that the Site Administration cannot absolutely guarantee the privacy of the Users account or his personal details against unauthorized use of the site. The User shall have no legal claim whatsoever against the Site Administration regarding any harm or damages caused by exposure of his personal details. It is underscored, that impersonating another individual is a criminal offence.

  8. The Site Administration reserves the right as it sees fit to cancel, suspend or remove any User. The Site Administration will provide the reasons for the said action upon receipt of a User's written request.

  9. The User agrees to allow the Site Administration to use the email address provided during registration.
    1. The email address will be used to send updates and confirmations regarding activities of the User on the site.

    2. The email address will be used as a platform for any messages regarding activities of the Association, news and advertisement related to Israeli folk dancing, and any other information the Site Administration deems relevant.
4. Rights of the Site Management

  1. The Site Administration has the right at any time to bar access to the site by any User who does not abide by The Terms.

  2. The Site Administration has the right to remove and delete any content and/or cancel any action made by any User which has failed to abide The Terms. The Site Administration may do so without any need to inform the User or to receive his permission.

  3. It is forbidden to use the site for any illegal purposes.

  4. The Site Administration has the right to change any and all content published herewith; it has the right to update The Terms at any time.

5. User Obligations

  1. It is the responsibility of the User to periodically access The Terms in order to check for changes.

  2. The User will not have course to complain as to the appropriateness of the site for his needs.

  3. When using the site for any purpose registration, writing comments, and any other use the User is obligated to refrain from any of the following: stipulating false content, entering insulting, degrading and/or libelous comments, threats.

  4. The invasion of privacy, the uploading of pornography to the site, inserting materials of inappropriate racial content of any type, the misuse of copyrights and registered trademarks, and uploading of any corrupt and/or illegal content is strictly forbidden.

  5. The User is fully responsible for the accuracy of any information which he publishes on the site. He stipulates that he has rights to such information, or has received permission from the rightful owner of this information, to publish it on the site. The Association and the Site Management are not responsible for any content published by the Users or passed between Users.

  6. The User is obligated to exonerate the Site Administration of responsibility for all claims made by any person as a result of any User activity.

  7. The User permits the Site Administration to edit any content added by the User in order to adapt the new content to the framework, language, and content of the site.

  8. The User agrees that any submissions or advertisements on the site are not the responsibility of the Site Administration; the Site Administration is not responsible for the accuracy of the submissions or advertisements.

6. Content of the Website

  1. Site may include dance sessions rating, comments and data regarding dance sessions or dance session leaders or choreographers, talk-backs, articles and other items that may be posted by users ("User Content"). User Content does not reflect the opinion of the Site Administration and/or of the Association.

  2. The Site Administration and the Association are not responsible for User Content and allegations may not be directed against the Association as a result of the User Content. User Content is solely the opinion of the said User. User Content published on this site concerning dance leaders, dancers or folk dance choreographers reflects solely the opinion of the User and not of the Association or the Site Management.

  3. Users of the site shall not make any allegation against the Site Administration, the Association or any of its members in respect to any User Content.

  4. It is clarified and emphasized that User Content may be processed without edification or human intervention. The Site Administration cannot verify the identity of the user posting the User Content, or examine the nature of the User Content; it is executed solely by the User.

  5. If there is reason to believe that a User has intentionally and maliciously assigned an inappropriate grade to a dance session, or in general has published User Content that is not in accordance with The Terms, it should be brought to the attention of the Site Administration for investigation. If the User Content is not in accordance with The Terms, the Administration shall take the action it finds suitable, as soon as possible.

  6. The Site Administration reserves the right to cancel, delete or edit any User Content; it reserves the right to refuse to post content, to delete or to edit User Content without notifying the posting User about the said action.

  7. The User agrees that all the information published in the site's dance sessions search engine is information collected from dance leaders, dancers and other means for the benefit of the User. They further acknowledge that the Site Administration is unable to examine the accuracy of the information; the User himself should confirm the accuracy of the information with each dance instructor before attending the session.

  8. The information appearing on this site does not fall within the definition of advice and/or a professional opinion. The information is merely the personal opinion of the users.

  9. The information appearing on the site should not be relied upon or acted upon without first ascertaining its accuracy.

  10. The presence of links to other sites does not guarantee the contents of those sites from a legal aspect or from any other aspect.

  11. No commercial use may be made of this site, i.e. posting advertisements, or in any other way, without the permission of the Site Administration.

7. Rights and Intellectual Properties

  1. All rights and intellectual properties of the website and its content belong to the Site Administration. The intellectual properties of the source code and graphic design of the site belong to Yardena Rigler; the intellectual properties to the program code PHP belong to Danny Gil-Or, and the intellectual properties to the dance session search using a map code belong to Yehontan Couriel.

  2. It is forbidden to copy the sites source code, any of the sites design or any elements which appear in the site. In addition, the content may not be copied for any purpose without prior written permission from the Site Administration or from the Association.

  3. Notwithstanding the above, and unless otherwise stated, in regards to content posted on the site or articles that appear on it and which are the property of the Sites Administration, Users have the right to quote from any content, provided that:
    1. It shall include the full internet address of the Association, including the URL address.

    2. They shall not make any use of this content for any illegal purpose or any purpose that would contradict The Terms.

    3. The use of the content may not be for any profit or for any commercial use.

    4. No changes, omissions or revisions may be made to the content.

    5. It is forbidden to create links to the webpages, except the homepage, unless the link is to an entire webpage and its exact address appears in the usual and accepted space in the software used for viewing the site.

    6. It is forbidden to represent the site in any way that degrades its content.

    7. It is forbidden to represent the site either whole or part in a frame, either overtly or subliminally.

    8. It is forbidden to represent the site either whole or part in any design, graphic or otherwise different form from which it appears in our site, unless approved in advance and in writing by the Site Administration.

  4. Notwithstanding the above, an unless specifically stated otherwise, it is forbidden to copy the data base or information about the dance sessions, the facilities, the dance instructors, either in part or in full, unless written permission has been received in advance from the Site Administration. However, it is permitted to copy or print out information about dance sessions for personal use only.

8. Limitation of Liability
  1. The services provided by the site are, at this point in time, free and offered for the benefit of the User on as-is basis. Use of the services is the sole responsibility of the User.

  2. The Site Administration is not responsible for the content of any advertisements, banners or any other commercial items published on the site; the responsibility for these are the sole domain of the advertisers.

  3. The Association and the Site Administration are not responsible for any inconvenience or damage caused the User as the result of the use of the sites services or due to inaccessibility of the site, whether the User paid for his registration or not.

  4. The Site Administrations intention is to make the site and all its services accessible at all times. However, the Administration cannot guarantee continuous accessibility; there may be occasions when the site or server may not be available. In addition, the Site Administration may suspend service of the site or shut it down at any time for maintenance purposes. No compensation or credit will be given due to such accessibility problems or cessation of the services. In addition, the Association may completely shut down the site and its services at any time.

  5. When using the website, including browsing, using services, storing and any other activity, the User relinquishes all claims or demands against the Association, the Administration and any of their affiliates and providers.

9. Law and Judicial Authority
  1. The Terms shall be held under the jurisdiction of the Laws of the State of Israel.

  2. The sole judicial authority for any conflict resulting from The Terms or from any use of the site or its services is the authorized court in Tel Aviv.

10. Contact the Site Administration
  1. Contact with the Site Administration may be made via the following address: or via the Contact Us form .
Translated from Hebrew to English by: Arin Poller, Maxine Cohen, Peter Smolash

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