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Rikudei-Am in Israel
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Looking for 
(*dancehappy)A Piece of My Mind
I'm looking for a male dance partner with a lot of experience for Saturday nights.

I have been dancing regularly in Rehovot for years! Started in Holon in 1982, stopped for several years then started again about 5-6 years ago.

Please emails only for Yair

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Looking for male dance partner 
(*TexAdina)Looking for a Dance Partner?
I live in the Jerusalem area. Have danced intermediate to advanced couple dances, and would like to learn many more and dance often.
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So happy to discover this Radio Harokdim! 
(*Carolina)Our new internet-based radio station
I love music, dance, and I am very happy to have found Radio Harokdim! Hearing this music takes me back to my days of Israeli dancing in New York. Thank you for setting up this radio station, which I can listen to at any time from my home ...
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Looking for a male partner 
(*Alissa Dances)Looking for a Dance Partner?
I'm coming to Israel from July 12 to July 22, 2016, and would like to find a partner to dance with while I am in town. I'll be in Modiin - near Jerusalem, then I'm going to be at the Karmiel Dance Festival.

I have been dancing for years ...
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Looking for dance partner 
(*Lee ya)Looking for a Dance Partner?
Hope I can find it here
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Israeli dancing in Israel has become one of the most popular hobbies and leisure time activities. Ever since the first pioneers in the settlements began to dance, tens of thousands of dancers in Israel and all over the world have adopted this hobby. Israeli dancing has attracted dancers of all nationalities, the young and the old, newcomers from different countries, as well as those who have lived in Israel all their lives.
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Welcome to the English version of the Israeli Folk Dancers Association website. Meet our volunteer website team of Adi Habad - Chairman of Irgun Harokdim, Harry Couriel - website coordinator, Yardena Riegler - website manager, Vered Menashri - Hebrew site editor, Donny Gilor - php programmer, and Jane Rosen - English site editor. We hope this website will become your regular resource for dance information, and a place to express YOUR opinions about dance issues in Israel or around the globe.
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You love Israeli Folk Dancing. You want to learn about Israeli Folk Dancing. You have come to the right place. The Folk Dancers Association Site is the premier site for Israeli Folk Dancing. Here you will find the most comprehensive information about Israeli Folk Dancing, events and activities. The Israeli Folk Dancers Association (Irgun Harokdim) site provides you with a wealth of information; news, articles, stories, interviews, reader comments, dance session details, even a special column, “Where to dance for free on Saturdays?” That is just a sample of what is available to you, here. You are wondering where to dance. Check out the most advanced Israeli Folk Dancing search engine, which incorporates a map of Israel. Just indicate where you want to dance, or the type of dancing, or the name of the teacher, and you will get a list of all the locations fitting your criteria. Our Folk Dancers Association Site will supply you with the answers to all your questions. Welcome, see you on the dance floor!
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