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Objectives of the Organization and Its Goals

Represent Israeli folk dancers in Israel and abroad, by expressing opinions about dance related issues from the point of view of the dancers, to various dance related organizations and other institutions.

Preserve the heritage and authenticity of Israeli folk dancing and regulate the quality and quantity of new dances.

Improve the comfort level of the dance environment for the dancers at dance sessions and special events; i.e. air conditioning, music volume, insurance for the dancers, etc.

Encourage young dancers to join the dance fraternity and to introduce Israeli folk dancing into various educational frameworks.

Promote participation in Israeli folk dance clubs as a popular cultural activity at an affordable price for all dancers. Keep session and event fees reasonable by obtaining national budget allocations for these activities, by consumer action, or by other methods.

Establish the Dancers’ Association as a leading “consumer body” in order to obtain discounts and benefits for the Israeli folk dancers.

Cement a bond between Israeli folk dancers in Israel and those around the world and deal with matters relating to Israeli Folk Dancing in the Diaspora.

The Dancers Association is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.

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