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What's New in the Israeli Forums June 2010?Givaa Tlula 20.7.10 

What's New in the Israeli Forums June 2010?
Summary by Givaa Tlula

Thank you for all the positive comments about last month’s summary.

Tapuz presented a number of interesting topics:
A person new to dancing wanted to know more about the creation of new dances. Who decides it is time to create a new dance? Who determines who will actually create the new dance? What determines which dances will reach the harkadot? Why there are so many new dances? Veteran dancers provided some detailed, interesting answers.
Another question was, “Where can I find a variety of dance presentations?” - Cut and save!
Click link (all links to original Hebrew text).
A dancer asked if it is possible to stop dancing for a while and return without “missing a step?” Or, will it be as if you have returned to a different dance session altogether? The conclusion was dancers cannot go on a vacation from dancing!
Click link
A serious issue was discussed. During dancing, when is a caress considered harassment and when is it merely a friendly gesture? Interestingly, men saw something innocent in a caress; while women did not! A caress without permission is harassment!
Click link
There was a question regarding dance sessions under the auspices of municipalities. Are these free dance sessions legitimate or do they cause damage to other nearby harkadot? Is it a fair competition? Probably not.
Click link
Yemenite Rap, the Forum’s pleasant and smiling moderator, retired after two years. Rap received thanks and appreciation messages from many writers. Click link
The Barboor site hosts the "What's new in the Harkadot?" review which describes the new dances learned at the dance sessions. It contains a demo song and is accompanied by a dance video. Yair Greenstein is the talented writer and photographer.
The following dances were learned this month:
"HaMangina Sheli" (My Melody) by Moshiko Halevy,
"Sheyavo" (Let Him Come / Return) by Avner Naim,
"Yafa Sheli / Sfaton Adom" (My Beauty / red lipstick) by Haim Ohayon,
"Tagidu La" (Tell her) by Gadi Biton,
"Yesh Lach Oti" (You have me) by Ayelet and Dror Bukai,
"Achat MiKulan" (One of All) by Yaron Malichi,
"Ito Lanetzach" (With Him Forever) by Nurit Greenfield,
"Waltz Avivi" (Spring Waltz) by Moshiko
Click link

Yair continues to review the lyrics of “the songs we love to dance." This month, he analyzed the poetry of Natan Yonatan. He gave a fascinating overview of "Hachol Izkot" (The Sand Will Remember), "Al Gvul Hayam HaAcharon" (The Last Sea Border), "Nachon Sheat Kan" (It's True You Here), “Zer Kotsim" (Crown of Thorns), and "Givaa Achat" (One Hill). This work contributes so much to the preservation of our songs and musical heritage. Click link
Dov Orbach and Yaron Meishar thanked each other at Tapuz forum, and the dancers thank them both, for their contribution to the preservation of folk dances and the songs in general.

In the Sabres site, managed by Dov, lyrics of dances may be found. If you encounter a new dance, Dov will be happy to upload it to the site. This site has a search mechanism to not only search by name, but by using a single word. Click link

At Rokdim, a site directed by Yaron Meishar, the songs and dances are arranged by year / choreographer / lyricists and more. The site is constantly updated and used many of the dancers. It also includes instructional videos to download for a small fee. Click link

Horatenu forum has raised the issue that affects dancers in general and the residents of Be'er Sheva in particular - the situation of the poor quality of dance halls. Compared with the magnificent facilities in Ra'anana, Ness Ziona, Rishon Lezion, there are still no air-conditioned halls in many cities. This week, Beer Sheva dancers were stunned to read a message at the entrance to the hall that there would be no dancing because of the weather! Apparently, Be’er Sheva (capital of the Negev desert) still does not have an air-conditioned hall! What can we do? Shall the dancers dance in the air-conditioned offices of the municipality to find a proper solution? Click link

At the Dancers Association web site we read two articles relating to Israeli folk dance abroad. One performance was held in Toulouse, in the presence of an amazed group of "crazy" Jews and non Jews, with a positive reaction. Click link
A second article is about dancing in Poland where there is great interest in Jewish culture and where most of the dancers are not Jews. Once a week, there is a session of dancing to nostalgic and modern Jewish songs. The group often performs in dance camps. Click link
The two articles warmed the heart and created a bridge among people, a bridge of hope. The attached pictures speak for themselves.

July brings the Karmiel Dance Festival. This year the three day festival of dance and performance festival takes place on 27-29/07/2010. The festival's official website published a program schedule for the dancing and the shows, Click link
The program: Click link
The Dancers Organization website also created a column for dancers to comment on the Karmiel Festival, get information about the shows, renewals, ticket sales, free dance sessions, and more. You may contact the Dancers Organization with questions regarding the festival or for requests. Check out the site. * NEW! New! * The Dancers Organization will be updated weekly regarding dance sessions. Click link

We had marathons and trips: "Ruach Neurim" (Youth Spirit) in Givat Brenner hosted by Sagi Azran, the Jerusalem Marathon by Yaron Ben Simhon, the "Mecholot Yam" trip of the Gadi Bitton, and a trip with Yaron Ben Simhon to Kfar Giladi. Maya Geva’s “Group of Wheels” (handicapable dancers) celebrated their second anniversary. We are still looking for volunteers to dance with our dancers on wheels. Many photos and more details are at the Nirkod forum. Click link

Have a happy dancing month! Here’s to a successful Karmiel dance festival!

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