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What's New in the Israeli Forums October 2010?Givaa Tlula 18.11.10 

What is New this month? October Review of the Israeli Forums
Written by Givaa Tlula; Translated by Yedid Nefhesh

What did we discuss in October, in Cheshvan, a month without holidays and festivals?

The flood of new dances was discussed. The problem of the flood of new dances returns every month with a new point of view. Is there a dancer or dance instructor who knows all the dances? Probably not. Maybe Michal Bachar, or Iris, knows? Is this a problem in all dance sessions? Link A new dancer gave up after learning 20 dances. What does that mean? Link

Does the professional instructor control the dances? For example, the teaching of Ein Makom Acher, “There is no Other Place,” by Gadi Bitton, took half the time allotted for a partners round at Gadi's session in Beit Danny! It is a dance that looks complicated, fast and bouncy; it's a dance that is a challenge for dancers. But, was it worth wasting half a round to teach it? Link

"Singing while dancing" was a topic this month. Should a dancer who enjoys singing while dancing sing aloud, despite the disturbance it creates; despite its affect on others’ enjoyment? Opinions are divided. Link

The dance session of the month is definitely the Oneg Shabbat in Ginegar. The dance session has the flavor of the old days with choreographers, dance leaders, and dancers in attendance: Yankele Levy, Saadiaa Amishai, Marco Ben - Shimon, Mishael Barzilai, Israel Amrani, Yoav Bashan, and others. Iris's wonderful description of this session lists a repertoire which includes many beautiful dances. The North is obviously still in control! Link

Another nostalgic dance session is conducted once a year in the North. I am referring to the marathon at Kibbutz Dalia. Many dancers from all over the country attended the marathon, mainly those with an affinity for nostalgic dances. The choreographers were those known as the "pillars of folk dance," such as Yoav Ashriel, Eliyahu Gamliel, Yankele Levy, Saadia Amishai, Benzi Tiram, Jonathan Gabay, Yakey Cohen, Moshe Telem,and Yehuda Emanuel. In attendance, as well, were many dance leaders: Moshe Oron, Zeev Miranda, Eyal Ozeri Yair Harel, Eddie Sassoon, Yigal Tricky, Yaron Meishar, Edna Kave, Aviva Uri, Avital Efrat and many others. Enjoy a beautiful description of the event written by Iris: Link

“Dance Leader in Slippers” is a new fascinating column written by Adi Chabad. This month Adi interviwed Victor Gabay, the valued choreographer, dance leader, and the chairman of the Association of Choreographers and Dance Leaders. Recommended reading! Link Link

Singles at dance sessions was another theme. Are singles meeting at dance and marrying? Yes! Many members of the Forum identified themselves as couples sharing the dance partner experience. The more the better! Link

Why was a nickname selected? Forum participants told us how their nickname was selected. Among those nicknames explained was "Extremely Ugly," both for male and females. Several people chose the name of a dance as their nickname like "Debka Chamor" (Donkey's Debka) "Malkat HaChatunot" (Queen of Marriage) "Yom Chulin" (Ordinary Day) and others. Link

A dance session for people with special needs, already celebrating two years of success, was created by Barbara and Haim. (BTW I believe Haim knows all the dances!) They are doing holy work by conducting a dance session for the mentally challenged. Well done! We wish them many more years to continued success. We would like to hear more details about this session in the Forum. Link

Does dancing affect family life? Yankele Levy raised this interesting topic; he asked, “Is dancing similar to an addiction to cigarettes? Forum participants did not like the comparison to cigarettes and therefore almost ignored the initial question. Link

The taking of pictures at dance sessions was discussed. Should we allow the taking of pictures during dances sessions and/or the uploading those pictures to the Forum or facebook? Some dancers, for their own reasons, do not want to be photographed while dancing. Indeed, there are dance sessions where taking pictures is strictly prohibited. On the other hand, video clips capture memorable moments and experiences. Should we at least ask permission of those photographed before proceeding? This is a dilemma. Link

Dancing with Wheelchair Bound Dancers. A unique and exciting dance party took place in Maya's "Galgal Dance." Dancers in wheelchairs danced with physically mobile dancers. They celebrated another autumn of dancing. Dancers from all over the country participated; dance leaders came, too, and Micha Bitton, whose singing moved the audience, attended. Attached are photos and clips of the exciting evening by the house photographer, Edwin. Link, Link, Link

There is Israeli Dancing in Poland. "Snunit" site presents pictures and presentations of the Polish dancers. Though they are not necessarily Jewish, theses dancers love the Jewish experience gained through Israeli dancing, as they try to connect to Judaism: Link

Which dances may be taught in a one-time dance workshop? Link

Price Increase- The Association's response to raising the entrance fee at the TLV University dance session may be viewed here: Link Link The 800 dancers at the university continue to attend, in spite of the price increase. Are they right? Is the majority always right? And is there justification for the price increase?

Wishing you a good month, one with many happy dancing experiences- each dancer to according to his preference!

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